Interview Preparation

Set yourself up for success by reviewing the below tips and resources.

Come Informed

Learn as much as you can about the industry you are interviewing with and the summer internship program. Familiarize yourself with our history, core values and how we are organized.

Build Your Network

Continue to stay in touch with those you have met throughout the recruiting process.

Stay Up to Date on Financial News

Be aware of the current climate of the industry that interests you and be able to converse on the topic. A few helpful resources include the Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg, Morning Brew, and Evercore’s new podcast, The Edge.

Create Your Personal Brand

Be prepared to tell your story and answer questions regarding your resume and previous work experiences. Craft a personal pitch to ensure you make a great first impression with your interviewers. We highly recommend you work with career services to finalize your resume.

Be Prepared

Utilize all resources available to you, including mock interviews with peers and alumni that went through this process in your network.

Technical Resources

Below are links to learning resources provided by Wall Street Prep (WSP), a training partner of Evercore. They cover a broad range of accounting, valuation, and financial modeling topics, intending to serve as practical reference guides for those in need of a quick brush-up on the technical skills needed to work at Evercore. This is not a comprehensive list of all the technical skills you need and is intended to serve as a jumping off point for important topics. 

In addition to the courses below, Wall Street Prep has a large library of free and paid training in all things banking; the entire WSP platform is available to all Evercore new hires when they join the firm.