Our Commitment to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

“At Evercore, we are committed to empowering our people to thrive by sustaining a culture of inclusion that embraces diversity and creates opportunity for all. We are dedicated to promoting greater diversity within the firm, providing equitable access to opportunities for all, instilling an environment where all feel unequivocally supported and fully integrated into the global firm and holding ourselves accountable for driving progress. We believe that diversity of thought and experiences makes us better, both as a firm and as individuals, and we therefore strive to create a culture that celebrates the many unique differences among us.”

Roger Altman, Founder and Senior Chairman
John Weinberg, Chairman of the Board of Directors and CEO
Ralph Schlosstein, Chairman Emeritus

We have four strategic pillars in support of our vision:

  • Promoting greater diversity within Evercore, with strong representation of various groups across all levels, including top leadership;
  • Building knowledge and understanding of key diversity, equity and inclusion (DE&I) issues across the organization and cultivating broad accountability for driving progress;
  • Strengthening our meritocracy so it is experienced equitably among all employees, leading to equitable access of opportunities; and
  • Cultivating an environment where all diverse professionals feel unequivocally supported and fully integrated into the firm

Firmwide Partnerships

Our Co-CEOs have signed the CEO Action for Diversity & Inclusion pledge, joining a group of leaders from more than 1,600 organizations in a united commitment to advance diversity, equity and inclusion in our workplaces, communities and society. We were inspired to sign the CEO Action for Diversity & Inclusion pledge because we believe in its premise and its focus on action and accountability. We also benefit from the vast network of other co-signatories to learn from and exchange best practices around DE&I.

We are proud members of the Coqual Task Force and a community of like-minded businesses advancing diversity, equity and inclusion within our organizations and our broader communities. Coqual is a highly regarded think tank that advises 80+ of the world’s leading corporations on workplace diversity, equity and inclusion.

Our Global Diversity Council

We established The Global Diversity Council, which comprises our four Diversity Networks, for employees with the goal of supporting and advancing the unique needs of our four important employee groups:

  • Women’s Network
  • Traditionally Underrepresented Minorities (TURM Network)
  • EverProud (LGBTQ+ Network)
  • Veterans Network

We acknowledge and welcome intersecting identities across all lines of difference. All of our networks are active in cultivating informal and formal opportunities for allyship, participating in the firm’s recruiting efforts, building programs around cultural awareness and creating professional development opportunities for their respective constituencies. All employees are encouraged to join diversity networks as members or allies. Our networks host a multitude of events throughout the year, many of them with notable leaders in their respective populations.

“As a firm, we are in the business of providing our clients solutions through innovative and strategic advice. The best way to solve the hardest problems is to assemble a team of talented professionals with diverse backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives. Our success depends on our ability to cultivate an atmosphere that nourishes and develops this talent. It’s remarkable to see how Evercore has continued to make significant investments in broadening the representation of diverse and female professionals. As the Chairman of Evercore’s global advisory business, I consider supporting the development and advancement of women and diverse individuals at the firm to be one of the most important aspects of my job.”

Eduardo Mestre, Chair of the Global Diversity Council

Women's Network
Traditionally Underrepresented Minorities Network (TURM)
EverProud (LGBTQ+ Network)
Veterans Network (U.S.)

Who We Are

We are a community dedicated to supporting and engaging the women of Evercore in furthering their pursuit of professional and personal achievement.

This is accomplished through:
- Recruiting and retaining top female talent at all levels
- Mentorship and sponsorship opportunities
- Community-building programs
- Career development training
- Support during life events (personal and professional)

Network Leaders

Lea Lazaric Calvert (EMEA) Senior Managing Director, Private Capital Advisory

Renee Chang (U.S.)
Managing Director, Evercore ISI

Courtney McBean (U.S.)
Senior Managing Director, Corporate Advisory

Maren Winnick (U.S.)
Senior Managing Director, Corporate Advisory

Who We Are

We are a network which supports the racial, cultural and ethnic diversity of Evercore employees and advocates and raises social awareness to build a more vibrant, inclusive community, including by helping to attract, develop and retain talented individuals from traditionally underrepresented groups. We welcome all Evercore employees, whether members of traditionally underrepresented groups or majority allies, to join us in empowering change and manifesting Evercore’s Core Value of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion.

Network Leaders

Robert Andrews (U.S.)
Managing Director, Evercore ISI

Swag Ganguly (EMEA)
Senior Managing Director, Corporate Advisory

Anisa Javeri (U.S.)
Managing Director, Private Funds Group

Brogiin Keeton (U.S.)
Managing Director, Legal & Compliance

Rafael Polanco (U.S.)
Senior Managing Director, Corporate Advisory

Who We Are

EverProud is a network of LGBTQ+ employees and allies that champions LGBTQ+ diversity, equity, and belonging at Evercore by promoting an inclusive environment where everyone is treated with dignity and respect. We seek to attract, develop and support LGBTQ+ leaders and create forums for active engagement and partnership between LGBTQ+ colleagues and allies. We believe that our clients are best served when our employees can be their true, authentic selves, and we are committed to making Evercore the employer of choice for top LGBTQ+ talent in our industry.

Network Leaders

Michael Beck (U.S.)
Managing Director, Evercore Wealth Management

Uttara Marti (U.S.)
Managing Director, Corporate Advisory

Martin Paul (U.S.)
Director, Human Capital Group

Who We Are

We are a network dedicated to ensuring that veterans are positioned to succeed as members of the Evercore team and that the organization fully benefits from the unique experiences and skills of veterans.

We support veterans through the following initiatives:
- Recruiting: Cultivate opportunities for veterans interested in joining the Evercore team
- Mentoring: Support the development and success of veterans in the early stages of their Evercore careers
- Networking: Build a community within Evercore of former military members and allies
- Supporting Veterans Organizations: Develop connectivity with the broader military community by supporting and engaging with external veterans organizations

Network Leaders

Curtis Flood (U.S.)
Managing Director, Corporate Advisory

Scott Spieth (U.S.)
Senior Managing Director, Corporate Advisory

Cultivating an Inclusive Environment

Evercore is focused on cultivating an inclusive environment by building community and connectivity for our diverse professionals and creating forums to have courageous conversations around DE&I topics.

Our Diversity Networks are integral to communications, education and community outreach. They are active in cultivating formal opportunities for allyship, participating in the firm’s recruiting efforts, building programs around cultural awareness and creating professional development opportunities for their respective constituencies. They also provide support and help members and allies connect and build relationships with each other. All employees are encouraged to join diversity networks as members or allies.

Training and Education

Evercore hosts programs and workshops aimed at furthering the goal of equipping our professionals with the ability to engage and discuss difference effectively.

The firm recently delivered firmwide Inclusive Hiring workshops with the goal of minimizing bias and maximizing objectivity in our recruiting processes (both experienced and campus). Also, our most senior leaders have an on-going action oriented education series to tackle the subjects of conscious inclusion, unconscious bias and the broader implications when biases exist in the workplace.

Our networks have hosted educational programming with content to celebrate cultures, promote accomplishments and raise awareness of DE&I issues:

  • Women’s History Month – Hosted Inaugural Women’s Conference with professional development programming including a keynote presentation and networking
  • Black History Month – Hosted a keynote moderated discussion with Darren Walker, President of the Ford Foundation, about the importance of diversity and #BlackLivesMatter and hosted educational and cultural awareness programs
  • Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month – Hosted keynote featuring Juju Chang, award-winning journalist and ABC anchor, and offered education and cultural awareness programs around the notion of “model minority and foreigner imposter syndrome”
  • Veterans’ Day – Hosted a special discussion with General Tom Bostick, the 53rd Chief of Engineers and Commanding General of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, on leadership and diversity and held a Virtual Run fundraiser in commemoration of Veterans’ Day
  • Pride Month – Hosted educational programming, developed resources on allyship and raised awareness about Black leaders and people of color at the forefront of advancing LGBTQ+ rights, emphasizing the intersectional origins of LGBTQ+ activism in the U.S.

Developing Our Talent

Evercore creates powerful and unique career development opportunities for our diverse and female professionals. The firm offers dedicated development and coaching programs along with both mentorship and sponsorship programs for women and members of our TURM community.

Mentorship is an effective tool to build the skills and connectivity one needs to be successful at Evercore. These programs provide opportunities to discuss career development, client relationships, firm culture and other topics focused on maximizing professional development.

Sponsorship is integral to the development and advancement of our professionals. Our senior leader sponsors advocate for sponsees, facilitate career opportunities, help ensure appropriate work assignments and generally assist in navigating the roadmap of success.


Building A Diverse Pipeline

“As an employee of Evercore for close to two decades, I hope that I can serve as an example of someone who has been able to make the most of the opportunities that exist at the firm. In addition to helping recruit junior talent through our campus efforts, I am also in involved in firmwide initiatives to augment the sense of community and to ensure that our employees have the tools to succeed.”

– Rafael Polanco, Senior Managing Director, Corporate Advisory

Our mission is to promote greater diversity within Evercore, with strong representation of various groups across all levels. By attracting and retaining the most talented individuals of varied backgrounds, we aim to build a workforce that reflects the global marketplace we serve. Diversity of thought and background benefits our clients and bolsters our workplace culture. We offer diversity programming for both undergraduate and MBA students.

To learn more about recruiting, click here.

Evercore Partnerships


Undergraduate Diversity Opportunities – Sophomore Winter and Spring

We host a number of diversity events and opportunities to speak with Evercore bankers that are representative of our Diversity Networks. We also offer diversity-specific interview options and the opportunity to apply for a diversity scholarship each Spring.

Diversity Events Offered:

  • NY Generalist Program
  • Houston Energy
  • Menlo Park Technology
  • Restructuring
  • Equity Capital Markets & ISI (combined)
  • Private Capital Advisory
  • Private Funds Group

We are also proud sponsors and attend undergraduate conferences with the Forte Foundation, BLK Capital Management and O4U.

MBA Diversity Opportunities – Internship

We host a number of diversity events over the summer (pre-MBA) and during our regular recruiting timeline (Fall) that support all of our Diversity Networks at various campuses and in our offices.

  • We offer an MBA Diversity Fellowship. Candidates can apply and earn a fellowship and internship either in our pre-MBA or regular recruiting processes.
  • Our pre-MBA process includes an opportunity to apply for and earn an internship for the summer after the first year of business school. Candidates can apply on our website when the process opens, the summer before the start of business school.
    • We welcome the opportunity to meet with students at the conferences we attend in support of diversity initiatives. We are proud sponsors of and attend:
      • Toigo Foundation
      • MBA JumpStart
      • ROMBA
      • Forte Foundation
    • Regular recruiting timeline (Fall semester): We look forward to meeting candidates at our many of our on-campus events and multi-school events hosted in our office. Events might include:
      • Women’s MBA Day
      • Veterans’ MBA Networking Summit
      • URM MBA Networking Events & Coffee Chats
      • Restructuring MBA Diversity Open House
      • Menlo Park Tech Women’s MBA Seminar

EMEA Opportunities

  • Insight Into Independents Event for International Women’s Month (EMEA Women’s Network) – March
  • DE&I Recruiting Event (all networks) – June
  • EMEA TURM Recruitment Event – September
  • Women in Finance Recruitment Event (EMEA Women’s Network) – October