By The Numbers

  1. Net revenues, net income, EPS and operating margin for all periods reflect Adjusted figures. A reconciliation to the equivalent U.S. GAAP figures is available in the attached.
  2. Adjusted Net Income includes a benefit of approximately $21.2 million for LTM Q3 2022, $19.5 million for FY 2021, $13.2 million for 2019, $24.2 million for FY 2018 and $26.6 million for FY 2017, respectively, and includes an expense of approximately $0.02 million for 2020 from the application of the new accounting standard for income taxes related to share-based compensation.
  3. Includes dividends to Class A shareholders and equivalent amounts distributed to holders of LP units, and excludes consideration received, net of tax, from the sale of the ETC Institutional Trust and Independent Fiduciary business in FY 2017.