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Quantitative & Small Cap

Investment Banking

Quantitative & Small Cap

Evercore ISI's Quantitative & Small Cap Research team, headed by Pankaj Patel, provides high quality, in-depth research for institutional investors using fundamental, macro-economic and technical signals. The team has developed a set of tools - What's Working, II Holdings & SI Toolbox, Equity Scorecard and Portfolio Analytics to help portfolio managers in their investment process.

A major part of the team's work is devoted to one on one work with clients. The work for clients ranges from choosing a data vendor, building a factor model, developing portfolio and risk analytics, choosing commercial risk models, conducting thematic studies and bespoke work. Our bespoke work for clients serves as an extension of the client's research team. Our team is very diligent and prides itself on the rigor and depth of work they do for the clients.

The team stays abreast with the current research from academia and industry to connect portfolio managers with the latest techniques to help them maintain their edge in managing portfolios which in turn helps them to generate alpha for their clients.

Clients First,