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Real Estate

Evercore ISI's Real Estate Research Team, headed by Steve Sakwa, who is Evercore ISI's REITs Analyst, provides actionable investment ideas and proprietary research on the real estate industry and the nation's largest publicly traded real estate investment trusts (REITs). Sheila McGrath partners with Steve, rounding out our real estate coverage, and is responsible for our coverage of Mexican FIBRAs.

Together, Steve and Sheila have been covering the real estate sector for over 40 years, and they provide investors with a differentiated view through extensive company analysis which incorporates company visits, management meetings, field trips, and discussions with private real estate owners and commercial brokers.

Evercore ISI focuses its real estate research effort on the largest REITs across several different sectors including multi-family, retail, office, industrial, self-storage and lodging, as well as Mexican FIBRAs. As a result, the research is relevant for both US and international investors looking for insights into the US commercial real estate sector.

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