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Exploration & Production

Led by Stephen Richardson the E&P team provides research coverage for independent oil & gas companies including coverage of large cap diversified stocks as well as smaller cap producers focused on specific unconventional regions both domestically and internationally. The team also covers natural gas, producing bottoms up commodity research with a focus on supply demand fundamentals including short and medium term price forecasts.

Steve has covered the E&P space since 2006. The team's coverage is noted for its detailed company specific analysis and actionable investment ideas as well as access to management teams across the sector.

Integrated Natural Gas & MLP

This team, headed by Timm Schneider, provides investment research on North American infrastructure companies, which typically own oil and gas pipelines and storage, natural gas processing facilities, NGL fractionation services and crude oil & natural gas gathering. The team provides forecasts for supply, demand and prices of Natural Gas Liquids (NGLs). In addition, the team seeks to provide numerous corporate access opportunities via non-deal roadshows, site visits, and conferences.

ISI's Integrated Natural Gas & MLP team works closely with the Integrated Oil and Utility & Power groups, essential for tracking emerging industry trends and structural changes.

Integrated Oil

Led by Doug Terreson, this team provides research coverage on integrated oil and refining and marketing stocks, and portfolio strategy views across the energy sector. The team also covers the major commodities in the global energy space including crude oil, natural gas, and refined products.

Doug has covered the global energy sector since 1988. He provides timely investment ideas through extensive financial analysis for energy equities and commodities as well as meetings with corporate and government officials around the world.

The team's research efforts include the integrated oil and refining and marketing sub-sectors, the largest components of the global energy equity space. Assessment of energy equities and commodities is global in nature, so the research is relevant for US and international investors.

Oil Service, Equipment & Drilling

Headed by James West, this team provides research coverage on every major subsector of the Oil Service space including large cap diversified companies, major capital equipment providers, offshore and onshore drillers, niche technology companies, energy infrastructure equipment producers, and offshore support providers. James has covered the Oil Service, Equipment and Drilling group for 15 years.

The team provides bottoms up and top down research, industry leading capital spending surveys, thought provoking thematic work as well as numerous field trips, management meetings, site visits and conferences.

Power & Utilities

Evercore ISI's Power & Utilities team, headed by Greg Gordon, provides both bottoms up and top down research coverage on regulated utilities, diversified power & utility stocks as well as merchant power.

Greg has covered the domestic power and utilities industry since 1994. He provides timely investment ideas through detailed individual company financial analysis, a long history of dialogue with the State and Federal regulators that gives him insight in to utility regulatory policy nationwide, and a nuanced understanding of the macro-economic drivers that impact the overall attractiveness of different sub- sectors of the industry.

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