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Investment Banking


Global Beverages

Evercore ISI's Global Beverages team is headed by Robert Ottenstein. The team bases its research on extensive fundemental analysis and broad industry contacts, combined with insights from Evercore ISI's Macroeconomic, Retail, and Demographic teams. Robert's current focus is the beer industry.


Evercore ISI's Homebuilding and Building Products team is headed by Stephen Kim, who has covered the sector since 1992. The team provides actionable investment ideas and bases its proprietary research on extensive fundamental analysis. To provide clients with an insight into market trends and a differentiated qualitative analysis, the team engages in significant primary research through market field trips, company visits and discussions with both leading industry experts and economists.


Evercore ISI's Restaurant team, headed by Matt McGinley, provides proprietary, timely, and actionable investment ideas that incorporate themes across the consumer landscape. The team conducts detailed "bottoms up" fundamental analysis, overlays that with a "top down" macro perspective, and a relevant valuation framework.

Retailing/Department Stores & Specialty Softlines

The team, headed by Omar Saad, focuses on providing actionable investment ideas and proprietary research on Retailing/Department Stores & Specialty Softlines stocks. Omar has been covering the sector since 2002, and provides clients with valuable information by providing timely and differentiated analysis and key market insights through his unique global brand approach. Omar also works very closely with Evercore ISI's Macroeconomic, Retail Hardlines and Real Estate teams in order to provide clients with relevant context for his ideas.

Retail Hardlines & Broadlines

The team's research relies on extensive fundamental analysis which includes company visits, management meetings, field trips and discussions with industry experts. Evercore ISI's Consumer Research Team, headed by Greg Melich, focuses on providing actionable investment ideas and proprietary research on the consumer sector. Greg has been analyzing global retailers and automakers since 1994 and provides investors with a deep understanding by offering qualitative and differentiated analysis, market context, insight into market trends and new opportunities. The team's comprehensive company analysis incorporates proprietary consumer surveys and leading indicators, discussions with consumer industry experts and leaders, field trips, and company visits.

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