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Evercore and International Strategy & Investment ("ISI") joined forces on 10/31/14 to create Evercore ISI Institutional Equities. Both firms bring a commitment to the highest standards of research quality and client service. Our experienced Research, Sales and Trading professionals deliver superior client service on a content-led platform.

We strive to be the Street's best research resource for our clients. Evercore ISI's elite team of research analysts has consistently been recognized by investors through the annual Institutional Investors All-America Research survey. In 2014, we secured the second highest number of II #1 positions, after J.P. Morgan. We also ranked #5 in total II positions.

We deliver to our institutional clients a broad offering of macro research, including Economics, China Research, Japan Research, Quantitative Research, Global Demographics, Policy, Portfolio Strategy, Tech Strategy, Fixed Income Strategy, Energy Commodities and Company Surveys. Our fundamental research includes 12 industries: Consumer, Energy, Financials, Global Autos, Healthcare, Home-building, Industrials, Media, Real Estate, Technology, Telecom, and Transportation.

We are committed to creating investment research that is accurate, relevant, timely, clear, concise and helpful to investors navigating a complex investment environment. We strive to produce innovative, proprietary research that uncovers relevant investment trends not fully discounted by the markets. We work hard to understand our clients' needs, from research to trading, and to provide them with customized solutions.

We take pride in attracting a highly effective team of professionals who delight in helping make our clients successful.


Our business is built on a content-led platform. Our Research is powered by the intellectual capital and extensive sector expertise of our Research analysts. Our analysts provide objective, in-depth, fundamental analysis of industries, companies and stocks. Layering fundamental analytics against the macro and political landscape enables our analysts to deliver unique, multi-faceted research insights. These insights, in turn, generate timely and actionable investment ideas for institutional clients.


Evercore ISI's high-touch distribution platform is comprised of sales professionals who are dedicated to helping our institutional clients navigate the proliferation of stock, industry, and macro information and news. With a keen focus on understanding a client's specific objectives, our sales force works closely with our research team to bring insight, actionable ideas and relevant market opportunities to our clients.


Consistent with Evercore's commitment to a client-centric approach, Evercore ISI's trading professionals engage in agency-only transactions, free of the potential conflicts of interest created by proprietary trading. Our team provides seamless execution, placing our clients' interests first and executing every transaction with efficiency, objectivity and discretion.

With offices in New York, Boston, San Francisco and London, our ability to execute across multiple geographies and asset classes makes Evercore ISI's global equity trading desks a preferred choice for discriminating clients. Evercore ISI offers high touch and low touch equity, options and program trading desks, as well as sector-specific and macro traders.

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